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Anjanee chemical industries is a leading company offers, supplier, sub dealer & distributor of BASF construction chemicals all range from Vadodara, Gujarat, India since 1998.

Please visit BASF construction chemicals as follows. 

  • BASF MasterEmaco S 348
  • BASF Masterinject 1315
  • BASF MasterEmaco S 346
  • BASF MasterEmaco SBR 2
  • BASF MasterEmaco 131
  • BASF MasterEmaco 488
  • BASF MasterKure 160 WB
  • BASF MasterFlow 718
  • MasterBrace 1414 A
  • MasterBrace 1414 B
  • MasterBrace ADH 2200 A
  • MasterBrace ADH 2200 B
  • MasterFlex 3000
  • MasterFlex 700i PG
  • MasterPel 777
  • MasterSeal P 2525 B
  • Mastertop SRA No.3
  • MasterTop 33
  • BASF MasterFlow 150
  • BASF MasterSeal HLM 5000
  • BASF MasterSeal 551
  • BASF MasterFinish 202
  • BASF MasterSeal 930
  • BASF MasterSeal 474
  • BASF MasterSeal NP 472
  • BASF MasterTile 400
  • BASF MasterTile 30
  • BASF MasterTile 25
  • BASF MasterTop 100
  • BASF MasterTop 33
  • BASF MasterTile 500
  • BASF MasterEmaco SBR 2
  • BASF MasterEmaco 131

Available in standard packing offered by BASF, India. Ready stock, Product COA and MSDS available. We are regularly supplying construction chemicals of International and National brands in India.

Details and application of above BASF construction chemicals

The MasterTile product family under the Master Builders Solutions brand from BASF is a group of high quality, versatile cementitious, epoxy and dispersion-based tile fixing systems that are engineered (or designed) for fixing ceramic tile and natural stone in a diverse range of sectors.

Concrete Repair Concrete needs maintaining: minimize downtime, maximize results Master Builders Solutions experts from BASF help our partners to ensure durable, high-quality concrete repair. By diagnosing the underlying cause of the deterioration we then develop a clear repair strategy utilizing the right products to gain long-term structural integrity and protection. Our comprehensive product systems offer effective solutions to repair challenges. Concrete Strengthening: MasterBrace composite strengthening system restores damaged concrete to its original load-bearing capacity, and can increase its strength and structural performance. Concrete Repair: Master Emaco’s primers, repair mortars, and fairing coats regain the structure’s original strength and durability and protect against corrosion. Crack Repair – MasterInject injection resins fill and seal cracks and voids, re-establishing the structural integrity and protecting against further deterioration.

Grouting solutions from BASF are respected around the world for delivering superior performance in the secure installation and alignment of precision equipment, support of columns and structural members, chemical anchoring and void and duct grouting.

The MasterFlow family of grouting solutions from BASF is respected around the world for delivering superior performance in the secure installation and alignment of precision equipment, support of columns and structural members, chemical anchoring and void and duct grouting.

Developing a watertight concrete structure is a combination of appropriate design detail, proper construction practices, and high-performance products working together to minimize and eliminate water migration through concrete. BASF has a portfolio of technologies to help contractors, concrete producers, design professionals, and owners achieve watertight concrete structures. In addition, the versatility of product innovative, fast-curing hand and spray-applied waterproofing technologies addresses the refurbishment and protection needs of a variety of structures.

Mastertop cementitious coatings – economical hard cementitious toppings and dry shake floors that are based on sand, special types of cement, color pigments and hard aggregates. They feature extremely high mechanical resistance and therefore are well suited for factories and warehouses, giving outstanding cost-effective solutions for new build projects.

BASF MasterSeal HLM 5000 Security Waterproofing Sealant

MasterSeal HLM 5000 - One-component, aliphatic, non-sag, elastomeric, polyurethane security sealant

How does MasterSeal HLM 5000 work?

MasterSeal HLM 5000 is a one-component, moisture-curing, bitumen-modified polyurethane elastomeric waterproofing membrane for exterior below-grade or between-slab applications.

Recommended Uses:

  •     Concrete
  •     Plywood (exterior)
  •     Exterior below grade (on masonry, concrete, and incidental metal)
  •     Above grade (between two-course concrete and within cavity walls)
  •     Parking garages and concrete tanks
  •     Plaza decks and malls
  •     Fountains and pools
  •     Balconies and planters
  •     Below-grade slabs
  •     Walls and culverts
  •     Sea walls, dams and reservoirs

What makes MasterSeal HLM 5000 a unique solution?

  •     Available in standard and high-build systems

Available in four grades:

  •     MasterSeal HLM 5000 SL (self-leveling/squeegee)
  •     MasterSeal HLM 5000 S (spray)
  •     MasterSeal HLM 5000 T (trowel)
  •     MasterSeal HLM 5000 R (roller)

How can you benefit from MasterSeal HLM 5000?

  •     Waterproofing membrane to prevent water penetration
  •     Elastomeric accommodates expansion and contraction
  •     Wide service-temperature range, making MasterSeal HLM 5000 suitable for all climates
  •     Chemical resistance to bacterial attack, selected acids, alkalis and salts
  •     Seamless cold-applied membrane eliminates lapping, seaming and precutting


Anjanee chemical Industries is a leading importer, exporter, supplier & dealer of BASF paint chemicals, Acronal (BASF) series from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Acronal (BASF) used in the various paint industry, PVC interior paints, exterior paints, textured finishes, primers for mineral substrates, binding power for pigments, VOC & low ordered paints, stain-resistant interior paints, and other industries. 

We offer the following BASF Polymer - Acronal Series. 

  • Acronal 7071
  • Acronal 400
  • Acronal® 296 D ap
  • Acronal® 7035
  • Acronal® 7035 G
  • Acronal® 7037
  • Acronal® CN 18 ap
  • Acronal® DS 6266 ap
  • Acronal® ECO 338 ap
  • Acronal® ECO 502 ap
  • Acronal® ECO 612 ap
  • Acronal® ECO 702 ap
  • Acronal® ECO 9056 ap
  • Acronal® IS 750 ap
  • Acronal® PS 791 ap



  • We are a importer of Basf Tamol NN 8906 for dyes and Intermediate industry. High quality dispersing agent of basf chemicals and products.


  • Tamol DN is a Mixture of salt of Naphthalene Sulphonic Acid and Phenol Sulphonic Acid condensation product. Dispersing agent for the chemical and allied industries.


  • Tamol FB P1 is a Salt of Naphthalene Sulphonic Acid condensation product. Dispersing & Wetting agent for the chemical and allied industries. Available in ready stock. Pure grade Basf chemical & dispersing agent.


  • Tamol FB PP Salt of Phenol Sulphonic Acid condensation product used as Dispersing agent for the chemical and allied industries. Available in ready stock. Pure grade Basf chemical & dispersing agent.

BASF Series Chemicals and products importer & suppliers in India

We are dealing, supplying, imports and distributor of various BASF series products as follows for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, rubber, dyes, pigment industries (Dispersing Agent, Chemicals, Raw materials) from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Following products are in ready stock. 

  • Kollidon 
  • Kollidon Cl 
  • Kollidon Sr 
  • Kollidon Va 
  • Kolliphor  
  • Kollicoat   
  • Kollicream  
  • Kollisolv 
  • Kolliwax  
  • Ludiflash 
  • Ludipress 
  • Soluplus 
  • Kollidon 12pf
  • Kollidon 17pf
  • Kollidon 25
  • Kollidon 30
  • Kollidon Va64
  • Kollidon 90f
  • Kollidon Cl
  • Kollidon Cl-m
  • Kollidon Cl-f
  • Kollidon Cl-sf
  • Kollidon Sr
  • Cremophor Rh 40
  • Cremophor El
  • Cremophor El-p
  • Cremophor A 6
  • Cremophor A 25
  • Kollicoat Emm 30d
  • Kollicoat Mae 30 Dp
  • Kollicoat Mae 100 Dp
  • Kollicoat Sr 30 D
  • Kollicoat Ir
  • Kollicoat Ir White
  • Kollicoat Ir Protect
  • Lutrol E 300
  • Lutrol E 400
  • Lutrol E 600
  • Lutrol F 68
  • Lutrol F 127
  • Lutrol Micro 68
  • Lutrol Micro 127
  • Ludipress
  • Ludipress Lce
  • Soluphor P Ep
  • Solutol Hs 15
  • Pvp – Iodine 30/06
  • Pvp – Iodine 30/06 M10