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BASF Acronal® NX 3587

Acronal® NX 3587 is a newly developed polymer from BASF to address many concerns in the Flexible Roof Coating industry.

First it is a pure acrylic polymer which contains crosslinking functionalities which not only improve polymer tensile properties but improve substrate adhesion properties especially on polyurethane.

Second is that the Acronal® NX 3587 was developed to address asphalt bleed resistance when applied as a white coating over an asphaltic substrate.

The Acronal® NX 3587 shows virtually no asphalt bleed-through when tested under both UV and Heat (50°C) conditions.

Third is that the Acronal® NX 3587 when compounded into a typical 42 pvc Flexible Roof Coating formulation shows very low water absorbance values of approximately 5% for a 7 day exposure.

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