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Clean Room Flooring

Clean rooms are found in a variety of facilities that service the pharmaceutical, vaccine, biotechnology, medical device, nanotechnology and semiconductor industries, to name but a few. Regardless of specific clean room activities, contamination prevention and process containment are of primary concern to all. Our seamless specialty clean room flooring and wall coatings assist  life science and advance technology facilities in maintaining their classified clean room environmental standards.

Flooring for Clean Room Applications

Cracks and crevices are where dust and microbes begin their dirty work. Our high performance bacteriostatic and fungistatic floor coating systems help reduce the concern of contamination by eliminating these breaches in wall and floor surfaces, as well as furnishing additional unique benefits to clean spaces, such as: The special needs of clean room facilities are met and exceeded with our selection of cutting-edge flooring for clean space operations. Don't worry, We have a unique solution for clean room flooring technology for your benefits.

Clean Room Technology in Vadodara, Gujarat, India

The Vision of one Man with the Team of Technocrats created a benchmark in the History of Clean Rooms Applications since 2012. It began with a Small enterprise in Vadodara which has now turned into a Major Company with an Infrastructure of International Level with latest Technology Machines & Equipments with fully Automations.

Anjanee Chemical Industries, India always have a vision of Innovative Products to be produced / manufactured to meet Customer Requirements of Clean Room Application & Lab Furniture with Global Standards. We Develop & Manufacture Clean Room Application Products like Sandwich Panel / Partition, Flush Doors, Hepa filters, Walk On Ceiling & Non Walk On Ceiling, View Panels and Lab Furniture with Class of Quality at an affordable and respectable Price.

Clean Room Partitions

We Develop, Manufacture, Supply and Install complete Clean Room Modular Flush Sandwich Panels / Partitions.Our Panels are manufactured with Galavanized Steel Sheet (G.I.) / Stainless Steel / Aluminium Sheets for the wall skin and high quality of exclusive material Aluminium Profiles for Top & Bottom Tracks and Verticale sides of panels for better flexibility & durability. The intermediate locking system Post Cap is also of Aluminium Profile. We maintain quality of material and process which meets the Global Conformance. These Sandwich Panels / Partition are relocatable and easy to install as required, and tailor made as per Customer Requirements.

Highlights of our Sandwich Panels / Partitions

  • Top and Bottom profiles are of Aluminium to avoid rusting and have longterm durability, which is exclusively a unique material used by us.
  • All our Sandwich Panels / Partitions are available in solid and with factory fitted Vision Panel which are supplied for ready Installation at site.
  • Perfect Detachable System due to intermediate locking System for relocatable without damages or loss of the modules or components.
  • Intermediate Locking System with Aluminium Post Cap fitting matching the modular design flush for Clean Room Application.
  • Easy for any Operation as each Panel has a unique intermediate locking System which facilitate to remove Single Panel or Add on to the Panel is very easily possible.
  • All Post Caps are press fitted and detachable for easy access of Cabling and other Utilities.
  • Better Flexibility, Durability, Aesthetic and Elegant appearance with the use of Aluminium Profile.
  • All panels are insulated with Polyurethane / Rock Wool insulation and as per customers requirement.


  • Demountable/Relocatable (Facility can be dismantled and shifted easily without damage or loss of modules or components).
  • Modular and Light Weight Construction.
  • Painting and Maintenance Free.
  • Sheet Metal and Aluminium Profiles with Flush & Coved Powder Coated Panels does not allow Micro-organisms growth.
  • Erection and Installation can be done with speed and ease.
  • Exclusive Aluminium Profiles used in the construction of panels.
  • Wall to wall and Wall to Ceiling Corners are Curved with Aluminium Press Fitted Coved Profile.
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain.
  • Operation Flexibility and Durability
  • Color Choice 


90 degree joints like wall to floor, wall to ceiling and wall to wall can be covered in order to make them easily cleanable. Also recommended to cover the corner of doors and windows


  • In general the recommended size of wall to floor coving is 75 mm X 75 mm radial coving.


  • In general the recommended size of wall to wall / ceiling coving is 50 mm x 50 mm radial coving.


  • Pencil Coving is recommended for areas like door frames, machine plates etc.

The joints of the floor and the wall the area are prone to accumulation of dust and water. This leads to growth of microbial organisms / bacteria and also cleaning is a problem. Hence in these areas we recommend solvent free epoxy coving as a clean room practice.



An epoxy flooring is a smooth, monolithic flooring formed by pouring component mixture over the concrete floor. If the epoxy is self-smoothening, then it shall tend to spread across the floor, in a manner so as to minimize the undulation and bring about as level a floor as possible.

Epoxy flooring promotes the Clean Room concept by providing a joint less finish and minimal undulations. This prevents accumulation of dirt and makes the floor highly washable. It even cuts down on amount of lighting needed in plant. Our services are extensively demanded in sectors like Pharmaceuticals company, Cosmetic Company, Operation theatres, dairies, workshop, soft drink production, showrooms, production assembly area, platting shop, and processing plants.

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