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We are established 2 decades ago, based at Vadodara, Gujarat, India. We are successfully emerged as a leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of aroma & aromatic chemicals used in Fragrances and Flavour Industry, catering to the units producing perfumery compounds, flavours, Cosmetics, Tobacco, Agarbattis etc. 

Our organization plays a multifaceted role in providing high grade Aroma chemicals. Today, our consistent business approach and client centric policies have helped us to establish a firm presence in our industry sector. Further, our expertise in identifying the right grade of products as demanded by our customers and that too at competitive prices has also helped us in gaining a wide clientele support in the domestic & International market. 


Our committed efforts in delivering international quality chemicals have been appreciated by our global and domestic clients. Some of the striking factors which allow us to fetch clients regularly encompass the following 

  • Premium quality Product
  • Continuous Supply
  • Reliable vendor base

Proficient workforce
To retain the authenticity of the Products, we pack them in quality packaging which enable us to ensure these remain tamper proof and safe during the transit and storage stages. By producing chemicals with elongated shelf-life , we are catering to the requirements of many prestigious clients both nationally and internationally

Aromatic, Aroma, Fragrance Chemicals

Anjanee chemical industries is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of aromatic, aroma and fragrance chemicals. Please find list of our products as follows

  • Allyl Heptoate
  • Allyl Caproate
  • Allyl Phenoxy Acetate
  • Alpha Amyl Cinn.ald
  • Anisyl Acetate
  • Aurantine Super
  • Benzyl Butyrate
  • Benzyl Cinnamate
  • Benzyl Formate
  • Benzyl Isobutyrate
  • Benzyl Isovalerate
  • Benzyl Methyl Ether
  • Benzyl Phenyl Acetate
  • Benzyl Propionate
  • Benzyl Salicylate
  • Bromostyrol
  • Butyl Butyrate
  • Cinnamyl Acetate
  • Cinnamyl Butyrate
  • Cinnamyl Isobutyrate
  • Cinnamyl Propionate
  • Citronellyl Acetate
  • Citronellyl Butyrate
  • Citronellyl Formate
  • Citronellyl Isobutyrate
  • Citronellyl Phenyl Acetate
  • Citronellyl Propionate
  • Dihydro Isojasmone
  • Ethyl Caproate
  • Ethyl Caprylate
  • Ethyl Cinnamate
  • Ethyl Heptoate
  • Ethyl Isovalerate
  • Ethyl Phenyl Acetate
  • Geranyl Acetate ( Single Peak )
  • Geranyl Acetate ( Two Peak )
  • Geranyl Benzoate
  • Geranyl Butyrate
  • Geranyl Caproate
  • Geranyl Formate ( Single Peak )
  • Geranyl Formate ( Two Peak )
  • Geranyl Isobutyrate
  • Geranyl Isovalerate
  • Geranyl Nitrile
  • Geranyl Phenyl Acetate
  • Geranyl Propionate
  • Heptyl Butyrate
  • Hexyl Acetate
  • Hexyl Butyrate
  • Hexyl Isobutyrate
  • Hexyl Propionate
  • Isoamyl Acetate
  • Isoamyl Benzoate
  • Isoamyl Butyrate
  • Isoamyl Caproate
  • Isoamyl Cinnamate
  • Isoamyl Isovalerate
  • Isoamyl Phenyl Acetate
  • Isoamyl Propionate
  • Isoamyl Salicylate
  • Isobornyl Propionate
  • Isobutyl Acetate
  • Isobutyl Isovalerate
  • Isobutyl Phenyl Acetate
  • Isobutyl Salicylate
  • Jasma Flor
  • Labdamate
  • Liliantine
  • Linalyl Butyrate
  • Linalyl Formate
  • Linalyl Isobutyrate
  • Linalyl Propionate
  • Methyl Benzoate
  • Methyl Cinnamate
  • Methyl Phenyl Acetate
  • Neryl Acetate
  • Neryl Formate
  • Neryl Propionate
  • P.a.d.m.a
  • Para Cresyl Acetate
  • Para Cresyl Isobutyrate
  • Para Cresyl Methyl Ether
  • Phenoxy Ethyl Isobutyrate
  • Phenyl Acetaldehyde 50% ( Dep )
  • Phenyl Acetaldehyde 50% ( P.e.alco.)
  • Phenyl Acetaldehyde Dimethyl Acetal
  • Phenyl Ethyl Acetate
  • Phenyl Ethyl Benzoate
  • Phenyl Ethyl Butyrate
  • Phenyl Ethyl Cinnamate
  • Phenyl Ethyl Ethyl Ether
  • Phenyl Ethyl Ethyl Ether
  • Phenyl Ethyl Formate
  • Phenyl Ethyl Isobutyrate
  • Phenyl Ethyl Isovalerate
  • Phenyl Ethyl Methyl Ether
  • Phenyl Ethyl Phenyl Acetate
  • Phenyl Ethyl Propionate
  • Phenyl Propyl Cinnamate
  • Terpinyl Acetate
  • Terpinyl Butyrate
  • Terpinyl Formate

Solvent C9 supplier, dealer & distributor in India

High quality imported, reliance make, opel make solvent c9 dealer distributor supplier @ Vadodara-Gujarat-India.

Dealer & Distributor in : Vadodara, Ankleshwar, Vapi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.